Dave Chapelle Hates Hartford/The Conchords Still Got It

When attending the Funny or Die Oddball Fest in Tinley park last night, the one thing I learned for sure is that Dave Chappelle hates Hartford. In fact, the first two words in his act were just that: “Fuck. Hartford.” With much emphasis. Apparently, two nights before, he had a difficult time with the crowd at the Connecticut show, dealing with unruly, heckling, “drunk white suburbanites” and then choosing to not deal with them at all by sitting down, smoking a cigarette and waiting out his contracted 25 minute time slot.

Too bad for them, too, because the Chicago show was fantastic. I went for Flight of the Conchords, but I swear I laughed more during Chappelle’s act than I did theirs. Chappelle performed in his usual style, talking about his family, race, the lesson he’s learned about giving up (no apologies), and ranting for a while about Hartford (“Now, I don’t WANT North Korea to bomb the U.S…… but if it DOES…I hope the bomb lands on Hartford, Connecticut.”) It’s too bad the folks in Hartford show missed it, but I don’t feel too sorry for them since I’ve despised the entire state since the first time I watched Angela on Who’s the Boss. The place was probably all shoulder pads and puffy yellow hair. I would have walked out, too.

The Conchords were my objective for the night, and they did not disappoint. They opened with a hilariously dated New Zealand tourism video (featuring a woman with a Dorothy Hamil haircut and a guy in a leisure suit) that they claimed was “from this year.” It’s at least a hundred years old, though, because I first remember seeing it when they posted it on their Myspace page.

Their set list was comprised of (in no particular order): “Jenny,” “Inner City Pressure,” “Song for Epileptic Dogs,” a “Hurt Feelings/Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros” mash up, the classic “Business Time” (“Take off those granny panties. You ain’t no granny TO-NIGHT!”), and some new ones since last U.S. tour: “The Summer of 1352,” “Fuck on the Ceiling,” and a really funny and melodically beautiful song about a father and his son. Unfortunately for the father of the song, the mother left him for a guy named Trevor who is a “new, cooler dad.” There was also lots of really good banter about muffins which made me laugh because I was just talking abut muffins the other day. I think we may be psychically connected, but no big whoop. They made sure the audience knew that “complimentary muffins” are not muffins that tell you nice things about yourself.

Kristen Schall was the first act, and I know this sounds sexist but it grosses me out to hear a woman tell really filthy, body-part specific jokes. It grosses me out when men do it, too, but I feel like we, as women, have a responsibility to uphold a certain standard since we basically do everything else, too. What’s a little more responsibility, right? Anyway, she did this really weird Flashdance dance which I didn’t really get into until Jemaine joined in (who am I kidding- I didn’t really get into it then, either… that’s how I could tell it didn’t quite work.)

Hannibal Burress was funny, but not really my thing-I think he may have talked about vaginas a lot, too, but I could be wrong. I was laughing but possibly only because I didn’t want the kids beside me to think I was uptight and/or relating to and taking the vagina jokes personally. Don’t worry about it, kids.

Demetri Martin was adorable as usual. He was clever and observant and only talked about diarrhea once. Toilet humor is funny in small doses (see?)

The other comedians were funny but we were on the lawn, otherwise known by Demetri as “the poor people section,” and I spent a lot of time adjusting myself so my feet wouldn’t fall asleep and since they weren’t entertaining enough to counteract that, I can’t remember much of what was said. All in all, though, it was worth the trip and I’m glad I went. I’m looking forward to the next one.

( Not my photo. This was taken by someone who should not have been taking photos.
Not to mention, the lawn was way too far away for pictures and I guess I’m just jealous that this person was this much closer than I was.)