Did I Say Thirty Needles?

This post won’t be interesting to most people, but for those who can relate to chronic migraine.. well, as the kids said in 2005*…Holla! The rest of you can stop reading now.

In my last post describing my battle with chronic migraines, I promised an update so here I am updating. I had my first round of Botox for migraines on March 1st and now, after two months, I am about to go in for the second round. My neurologist claims that a second round is routine because some people don’t receive results after just one treatment.

First I should say that I fully appreciate the aesthetic results of the procedure because my forehead looks like it did two mortgages and three jobs ago. It’s great. But when I said “30 needles” what I really meant was “31 smallish injections.” But if you’re like me, you will tell your neurologist that these injections are nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to the average migraine. At times I feel like I could get my hand caught in a drill press and I would say, “…but man, you should feel these headaches…” And if you don’t know what a drill press is you have obviously never been employed in a Midwestern factory like I have, so here is a photo.


The fact that I’ve gained twenty pounds after starting the pain medication four months ago is unpleasant. Indeed, I am having fewer and less crippling migraines (think only four this month compared to fourteen or more) but it is hard to know if this is the result of the Botox or the medication.The weight gain is most certainly due to the medication and also due to the fact that it has made me so lethargic I choose to eat in front of the television rather than working out. But the question of “would you rather be fat and in less pain or thin(ish) and chronically depressed and in terrible pain?” would result in a resounding “bring on the cookies and Botox, please.”

I guess I will see in a month or so if the second round helps more than the first. In the meantime, tomorrow I will be shopping for larger pants and admiring my big fat smooth forehead in the shop windows.


Voted Best Drill Press in 2016 https://thoroughlyreviewed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Drill-Press1-300×300.jpg